TeemBasket is Part of LabW3.com. Our Vision is to give the Website template and UI Kits for the web application and Web Page. You can Download the template from the LabW3 and used in your web page and web application.

Themes Labw3 have HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SCSS, LESS, Responsive, Parallex Template available here. Response Template is used for all kinds of devices single template work for Desktop, Tab and Mobile devices. No need separate site for mobile and tab devices.

We start this service in the year of 2015 in the name of the Gookeys Template our Parent Brand name now we bring the template services in to our Coding Services LabW3.com. Themes under the new service called Themes LabW3.

About Labw3.com
Our mission is used to reduce the complexity in the learning of coding. We want to make learning about coding easy and Quickly. So that we create the Law3.com. We want to focus coding and remade widgets and plugins. People who needing coding they just copy the code and used in their application. We provided easy customization code.